Prom Girls / Гулящие девчонки(1988)

Режиссер: Alex DeRenzy

Студия: Caballero Home Video

В ролях: Aja, Dana Lynn, Eva Allen, Lisa Bright, Megan Leigh, Renee Morgan, Shanna McCullough, Blake Palmer, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Tom Byron

Описание: It’s prom time at the Cumberland School for Ladies. But brother, these delicious debutantes ain’t no ladies! And straight-laced Miss Plenty (Shanna McCullough) is going to make sure no hanky panky goes on at this year’s prom. Fat chance! In the garden, Candy (Megan Leigh) is cramming (but not for exams!) with Tommy. Sally (Eva Allen) is having a frantic dress fitting with Joey Silvera. And in the dorms, Bunny and Cuddles are boning up on their lesbian do’s and don’ts! Poor Miss Plenty! The torrid tension is so hot she goes sexually berserk and turns a student council meeting into an orgy! You can be sure when the prom gets started… everyone’s going to have a ball!!!