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KSEX 106.9 / Радио КСЕКС 106.9 ФМ(1996)

Понедельник, Июль 9th, 2012

KSEX 106.9 / Радио КСЕКС 106.9 ФМ(1996)
О фильме: World Famous «Get-Your-Rocks-Off» Sex Radio. Something hot is buzzing over 106.9’s airwaves. It’s shocking new radio station where callers share every hard-core detail of their raciest sex experiences…and, yes they sure do tell it ALL! You are there as every delicious graphic sex scene unfolds! Tons of heavy anal sex, luscious lesbians, three-way, deep throating…and these beautiful Los Angeles hard bodies never quit.

Taylor Hayes — ведущая ток-шоу на радио KSEX 106.9. Она дает звонящим советы по сексуальной жизни.