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Bedtime Tales / Рассказы Времени сна (1985)

Воскресенье, Март 25th, 2012

Bedtime Tales / Рассказы Времени сна (1985)Описание:

Sex through the ages is the theme of this white-hot romp from 1985. Some of the era’s sexiest strumpets strut their stuff as they illustrate the ins and outs of sexual expression over the last 100 years or so. The fun begins back in the Victorian era, when even a hint of ankle could be considered scandalous. Of course, behind closed doors they were showing off a lot more than just ankles! We proceed through the Jazz Age, the Depression and the buttoned-down 1950s, each vignette showing that there’s nothing new under the sexy sun. The action concludes in 1985, as we discover the truth about the carnal clips we’ve been watching. It’s non-stop time-hopping fun featuring the hottest starlets of the day! (далее…)